Nature’s Wellness Box

Nature’s Wellness Box reached out to us on Instagram and kindly sent us their June Can I Be Your Sunshine? box to review. Nature’s Wellness Box is a monthly Aromatherapy and Lifestyle Subscription Box featuring Non-Toxic, Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free Skin-Care, and Household Products. Their mission is to deliver hand-selected, natural, vegan products without the harsh chemicals to your doorstep each month at wholesale prices. Also, all of their essential oils are Health Canada approved and NPN’s (Natural Product Numbers) are listed on the bottles.

Beekeeper’s Natural Throat Spray – $14

I am always looking for products that help me increase my immune system and deal with stress. This product is amazing and I have already used it a few times as I have just started a new role at work and it’s quite stressful. Propolis has germ fighting properties and includes over 300 vitamins, minerals and compounds.

Bridlewood Soaps French Lavender Clay Soap – $7

I could smell this soap as soon as I opened the box. It smells amazing! It is super calming and really made my skin feel soft. The soap contains French Green Clay to help absorb the body’s excess oils but not dry out your skin.

Ibuki Beauty Rose Body Scrub – $9

I am always looking for body scrub to use twice a week so was very happy to find this in the box. I love the rose scent and it left my skin feeling nice and soft. The scrub is a combination of salt and sugar with enough oil to leave skin soft. I will definitely be ordering some more of these scrubs.

Green Cricket Natural Hand Sanitizer & SPF30 Lip Balm – $7 and $5 respectively

These are two products that we can never have enough of. Especially in this time when it’s hard to get a hold of hand sanitizer and when we head into summer. I love the scent of the hand sanitizer and it’s Health Canada approved. The lip balm is also certified by Health Canada and is fragrance free.

Genuine Tea Lemon Ginger Rooibos – $9

I have been drinking so much tea with working at home. I had to try this right away and absolutely loved it. The lemon ginger is super relaxing so I have been drinking this before bed. It is blended in Toronto which is very cool!

Nature’s Essential Oil – Lemon – $12

Another thing we have been doing a lot since working from home is diffusing essential oils so I was very happy to see this lemon essential oil in the box. I also like that the product card tells us which other essential oils that lemon blends well with (bergamot, lime, orange and mandarin).

I was so impressed with my Nature’s Wellness Box and will definitely be subscribing to this great Canadian subscription box. The cost per month is $44.99 per month and the items I received retail at $63. I love that I discovered many new brands through this box.

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